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Hidden In The Attic

We just bought this old beauty. It needs a lot of work. It’s from around 1840. The attic was kinda sealed or to put it more accurate the access is hidden in a closet and wallpaper is put over it. I wonder whats hidden in there. In the attic, I mean.



Well, well. Pretty cold this year and pretty long so far. I got to be creative with wood supply. Even Niagra Falls froze. Isn’t that something?




The Social Rotunda

Oh, my… Long time no write. My creative department has a leave of absent right now. Call it a extended sabbatical. Family, Work, Kids: there’s too much going on at the local shores.

But nevermind! If you want to have a lookaround, there’s plenty! Check out the (English) cartoon section (links above) or my other “Issues” – Music, Graphic Design and German Cartoons – go ahead! (links to the right — no pun intended, hehehehe ;).

If you want to stay in touch in a more recent way, I added a twitter account to the social channel craziness. You’ll find me @theripplebrook

I love you!




Wissenswertes Über Erlangen

A classic of the Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave – music). It summarizes pretty nicely the ordinariness of the German Bourgois. The verse lyrics are taken from official promotional material of the town of Erlangen in South Western Germany. I love it.

I Figured It Out. Everything.

I’m not misanthrope. I’m just experienced.

Surveillance — What It Really Means

I’ll Take The Egg

Black Hole Over Lincoln, IL Swallows All Rain






I use a weather app called Dark Sky with my iPad. It very accuratly shows the precipitation forecast for the next hour via a false color radar picture, and also the history of the last 2 hours or so. As you can see there is a hole in the rainclouds over Lincoln. It also has “Jets” going away from it to the east and west. When you slide back the history of the radar picture you can see that that hole stays exactly over Lincoln, as well as the Jets.I watched that phenomenon now for two days (4/17 and 4/18) and it stays there. Never went away through all the flooding rainfalls of the last days.

Is there a black hole over Lincoln, swalloing up all the water in the clouds? Or is it some kind of secret experiment by DARPA or NASA or FEMI Lab? Or maybe the fine city of Lincoln found away to turn off the rain over their city? Oh how I wish to know! Maybe someone from Lincoln can answer what happens there?

Also interesting is the band of rain clouds to the left of Lincoln. It runs very straight from north to south. When that band hit my area, the sky turned black in seconds and a short but heavy gust like a train coming through and an enormous amount of water hit my house. It took place for just one or two minutes and then the sky was calm again. Wondering too, what that was. Never experienced something like that before.

And while the rest of central Illinois is drowning I just keep looking at that hole.

Just look at it.



P.S. Disclaimer. I swear on the grave of my dead hamster that this is not photoshopped, except for the name of my street in the top box and my exact location on that screen.

Here goes European Fusion for you. Nice.


I am recycling things. I’m not talking about washing out yoghurt containers or running around town and pick out aluminum cans from public trash bins. But in a way, if I was as consequential as I would like to, someday I might even do that. Watch me, Springfield.

I grew up in a country where recycling was mandatory. Not out of a governmental consciousness for the enviroment (although they claimed so) but due to economical reasons. The German Democratic Republic (most people know it as East Germany) had an economical system in place wich was bound to be insufficient. Mostly because of corruption and misgovernment but also due to lack of currencies and ressources. But whatever the reason was, the recycling system was almost perfect compared to todays recycling efforts of, say, United Green Germany or the United States of A. ↓ Read more…

The Logic Within

Judge yourself.

Fishing License

In Illinois, when you are dependent on a temporary visa like a Work Visa (H1-B), you’ll be issued a Temporary Visitors Drivers License. On that Temporary Drivers License there is a remark: “Not valid for identification” and it is presumably to prevent dependents (as I am) of a Work Visa holder (as my wife is) from getting legal work, which I am not supposed to get (since I got no work permission for the duration of the visa). One might want to discuss this from several angles if this is a reasonable practice, but as a visa holder you are not in a position to change anything about that for the duration of the visa.

Now to that temporary drivers licence. I must assume that (outside of Chicago) I am the only moron running around with such a thing as the following endearing little story will illustrate. It is just one of many many incidents but may stand exemplary for the fun I have executing the simplest tasks in rural America. ↓ Read more…


These animals I do watch running, wiggling, flying around in my back and front yard:

White tailed deer (doe, buck, fawn), coyote, fox (brown and red!), turkey, rabbit/hare, cat, racoon, squirrel, chipmunk, marten (I guess, maybe mink?), snake (black, rat, king and not identified ones), mole (their evidence at least), barred owl, hawk/eagle, bat, crow, blue jay, cardinal, goldfinch, woodpecker, nuthatch, titmouse, chickadee, sparrow, starling, wren, hummingbird, fish – minnows? (when the creek isn’t dry like this year), insects (wasp, hornet, firefly, lots of dragonfly, japanese beetle – ugh, summer chafer, ladybug, bumble bee, etc),  sometimes a cow.

All wild, except the cows. The cows are just astray. However.

What do I need to go to a zoo for? Rhinos? Meh.

To be continued because not complete.


As some of you might know, I grew up in East Germany. Cars were hard to get; sometimes you had to wait as much as 17 years to get a car. Yes, there were waiting lists and especially the underprevileged factory workers had to wait half a life to get one of those corrugated card board box two stroke engine mini cars called ‘Trabant’. My dad used to own one of these when I was about 6 years old. He applied for it when he got just out of puberty. Oh, geez. Trips in this car with my two siblings used to be quite violent experiences. From both sides: siblings and, sadly, parents: “QUIET NOW/slap/slap/slap”. One for everyone.

Later, due to his advancements as a computer engineer my dad was eligible for a russian type four stroke car that was a licensed rip-off of a Fiat (wich now owns Chrysler, hehe, circles are closing here certainly). We sure were proud of it, because now there was enough space so that I would not have to sleep on the floor boards during our 18 hour trip to my grand parents house in eastern Poland, instead I was able to sleep on the suitcases in the back of the station wagon-like back of the car (though the dimensions of the car where still compact… very compact). The make was called ‘Lada’.There where other Russian makes around town these days, ‘Wolga’, wich was the Cadillac of our time (spacious, grand and stylish sort of), mostly used for cab services and ‘Moskvich’, also preferably used for cabs but also for politicians and the likes.

25 years later those cars have vanished from the streets of Germany. You might find some refurbished Old Timers here and there, but because of the bad memories of those failure prone machines nobody has too much inclines to keep them alive.

But Russian pride and economic desperation does. Those cars are still around on the country side in good ol’ Russia. As you can see in those pictures below. I just took the most delightful ones of course and I apologize up front that I’m not able to track down the source other than I think I got them from a post from boingboing, a website full of curiosities, where I’m sure you’ll find out quick who made them, if you have a quick internet connection (I do not). Nevertheless: enjoy. The first picture involves a ‘Wolga’ and the second one a ‘Lada’. As I understand it, both where made in the former Russian province of Kasachstan. Enjoyable life there, apparantly.

Rise Against – Make It Stop (September Children).

Please watch to the very end to get the message completly.

Rise Against – Make It Stop (September’s Children) from LGBTQI Georgia on Vimeo.

Little Boxes On The Hillside

This little song became kind of iconographic (iconophonic?) to us when we drove through any of the typical suburbs of Corporate America. It’s well known for the title song of the TV series “Weed”, but this is a version actually played on boxes. More or less. But since I like the idea that goes with the song in terms of irony towards the replaceability of the worn out American Dream, this video yet tops the idea with its graphic rendition of the lyrics of that song. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Credits here going to: Walk Off The Earth (performers), Malvina Reynolds (original interpreter), and Boing Boing for sharing.

Eye Candy Dance-Wise

Nothing less than the molding of cinema-art a lá Matrix and TRON asthetics, classical stage dance and Japanese electronics obsession. Very impressive, obviously illuminating: The Japanese Wrecking Crew Orchestra, found at BoingBoing:

Oximoron Honest Advertising

If the advertising industry and their customers would consider truly honest advertising, I would consider going back to work for them (wich I stopped doing in 2003). But – alas – I do not believe this is an incentive enough for those billion-dollar cooperations to change their policies about communication. And, to be honest here at least on my side, I don’t believe they are able to do so either. Its just not in their nature of the business and in the end not in the nature of most consumers to hear the very truth about a product they like (or better: the true reason why they like it) because it’d destroy an illusion that is convenient to live in. Nobody likes to change something that is convenient.  Talk about passive escapism. Right, suckers?

But these nice artworks by Matt Stevenson and Chelsea Fagan are a nice holiday from reality, and that is a minute of escapism I can jauntily recommend.

Honest Ads – via Slacktory

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