Unthinkable but obvious

In March 2009 Clay Shirky wrote an excellent essay about the nature of changes happening to society, newspapers and journalism (“Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable“). It got more than 1,200 responding links since then (a tremendous amount). That remarks how important that topic seems to be especially in the blogging scene, wich is apparently no wonder.

Now, in this Interview with Jay Rosen from the New York University he explains how he tried  with this essay to write in a way that people from inside the newspapers can comprehend and get on the subject wich is far beyond the very only existence of newspapers. From my point of view this is the real goal he has achieved with the text. He compares our situation with the 1500s, when the invention of print changed the whole (known) world in a revolutionary way.

The Interview is pretty long (but it is worth it; it deepens and substantiate the topic and brings a lot of lights to the surface), below is just the first part, so make sure there’s enough leisure in the place.


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