About me and this blog

About me and this blog:

Born in 1973 in East Berlin. Professional education as a type-setter/typograph at vocational college Rudi Arndt and the daily newspaper Neues Deutschland. From 1993 employee in several advertising agencies and since 1996 freelancing graphic artist for agencies and independent customers. Since the mid-nine-ties musician in several Berlin-based bands, from 2001 singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist of the indie rock band Phonetic, with the outcome of eight records, three music videos and 200+ shows all across Germany and Europe.


My first (cartoon)drawing was a bucket in 3-D in my 3rd grade math reading book (coincidence?). I found the trouble I was in for that encouraging and so since then I was drawing cartoons of my schoolmates, my fellow students during my college years, my colleages at work. During my time as freelancing graphic artist I did (besides all the standard advertising stuff) cartoons for several travel mag-azines, illustrations for charity organizations and bands. In the years with my band my illustrating and cartooning efforts sort of fell asleep, making place for the creativity-consuming efforts to produce music and entertain a band.

In 2006 my son was born and like every young father I immediatly felt the wish to capture those special moments awhile the rising of my little one. So I started drawing cartoons again and the results can be seen in my german toonblog WoWillstDuHin??? (an english selection: - What Are You Doing??? – to be updated). Furthermore, I some-times I clearify my youth memories by drawing some panels for the story of Droopy. I also mirror the experiences of my own culture schock of living in the U.S. via the panels of my new cartoon project Rolf in Amerrika.

Music’s still there. Currently I’m playing in a variety of projects and I’m in the planning stages of a new big project – you will hear about it soon on this blog.

In between the music and the graphic arts and the drawings and the duties and the youth memories I wildly post things of my interest with some accent on German/American culture clash and the arts along with some humble connotations.

In 2008 wife, son and me moved from Germany to the American midwest, namely Ohio. As we’d finished there we got a little wilder and moved a little further west and since 2010 we’re making our home in the countryside of Central Illinois. We enjoy it there and I hope you enjoy what you’ll find here.

Yours truly,

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