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What’s Wrong With Those Folks?

Today I drove to the supermarket. When I was deboarding my car I saw a man and he was about sixty years old and he was wearing a black hoodie with the cowl over his head. It was snowing heavily. It was about 25 degrees F. Of course: it’s winter. Apart from the hoodie he was wearing black underpants — really short ones — and his long pale and skinny legs ended up in flip flops. And as he advanced toward the store front through all the oil and gasonline infected snow mud I wished I had my camera with me.  Shame on me. But it left me with the question: What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they own pants?

I don’t get it.

Oh, America, I Love You (Yet I Still Don’t Know What Style Studs is, Too)

Back then, when I lived in Germany, I loved to watch all those silly QVC or HOT (Home Order Television) shows late at night. The later the better. They got stranger the later in the night it was. Porcelaine puppets, digi-cam-laptop bundles, stupid beads and trinkets or cellphone contracts wich you would pay for long after you’d be dead.

But — as it strikes me so often — America does better. This is a show from a public access cable show from Oklahoma in the nineties wich just sells crap. It’s called Bargain Barn. And it’s real crap. But the guy sells this crap with the same dedication as if he’s selling pure and shiny gold. Love it or leave it. Allrighty?!! Good to go.

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Still moaning about Studiengebühren, Germany?

Well, student loans are the common way the american student has to finance college years, and here comes the sad and angry making story behind the mechanisms of this industry. Told by info designer Jess Bachman for College Including some hints how to avoid some of the mess.

In Germany there’s a big discussion going on about coming Studiengebühren (college tuitions and fees) wich will increasingly being introduced in public colleges. So far studying in Germany at most public universities is almost for free, although both the american and german college systems are hardly comparable. But this is obviously changing since the introducing of the B.A. degrees as the standard degree and the cutting down of the maximum study period – and the rise of the Studiengebühren.

I learned that the Obamas student loans piled up to an astonishing $ 300.000. Well, at least in their case it pulled its weight.

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I’ll Take The Egg