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The Decemberists (Boing Boing Video) And My Local Dilemma

This is a beautiful little video made for Boing Boing by Scott Compton. The Decemberists are an Indie/Folk/Alt.Country band and it took them almost 15 years before they became practically an overnight success.

Now. I really like their music.

Since I’ve been in an Indie Rock Band back in Germany and performing, writing and producing with that band for almost 8 years I thought I should reproduce my efforts here in my new home region and start a new band. A band created from scratch. My direction is clear: I want to follow my indie-roots and merge them with the new influences I picked up here in the midwest, bluegrass, folk, maybe some Since I did a lot of the band running business back in Germany all by myself I feel I should be able to get the stuff done here.

Okay, here’s my thought: let’s find some musicians who might share my vision of music.

So far I have not made much progress. Local music scene websites are scarce and mostly devoted to an audience rather than a musicians community type of thing, but I wasn’t expecting anything in that direction anyway. Craigslist had some outcomes (in one I am currently playing bass  – a tribute band), but consists otherwise mainly of heavy/speed/death/sports metal acolytes and other feisty stuff.

The needle in the hay stack.

Some hope is shining on the horizon by the upcoming festival season with its many small folk and country festivals; I’ll try definitly as much as I can to have a look at them. And I made some contact with a local artist/musician/actor who lives in the area for all his live and who may give me some insight into the local scene. It is hard to find some leverage when you’re from abroad, without a network and so forth.

So. Let’s squeeze our thumbs (as we use to say in Germany — it means: cross your fingers) that I might get some steps closer to my hopes and efforts to found a new band (if any of you readers out there has any ideas or suggestions please let me know in the comments).

It’s a long way yet. But I brought some time with me, you know.


These animals I do watch running, wiggling, flying around in my back and front yard:

White tailed deer (doe, buck, fawn), coyote, fox (brown and red!), turkey, rabbit/hare, cat, racoon, squirrel, chipmunk, marten (I guess, maybe mink?), snake (black, rat, king and not identified ones), mole (their evidence at least), barred owl, hawk/eagle, bat, crow, blue jay, cardinal, goldfinch, woodpecker, nuthatch, titmouse, chickadee, sparrow, starling, wren, hummingbird, fish – minnows? (when the creek isn’t dry like this year), insects (wasp, hornet, firefly, lots of dragonfly, japanese beetle – ugh, summer chafer, ladybug, bumble bee, etc),  sometimes a cow.

All wild, except the cows. The cows are just astray. However.

What do I need to go to a zoo for? Rhinos? Meh.

To be continued because not complete.

Black Hole Over Lincoln, IL Swallows All Rain






I use a weather app called Dark Sky with my iPad. It very accuratly shows the precipitation forecast for the next hour via a false color radar picture, and also the history of the last 2 hours or so. As you can see there is a hole in the rainclouds over Lincoln. It also has “Jets” going away from it to the east and west. When you slide back the history of the radar picture you can see that that hole stays exactly over Lincoln, as well as the Jets.I watched that phenomenon now for two days (4/17 and 4/18) and it stays there. Never went away through all the flooding rainfalls of the last days.

Is there a black hole over Lincoln, swalloing up all the water in the clouds? Or is it some kind of secret experiment by DARPA or NASA or FEMI Lab? Or maybe the fine city of Lincoln found away to turn off the rain over their city? Oh how I wish to know! Maybe someone from Lincoln can answer what happens there?

Also interesting is the band of rain clouds to the left of Lincoln. It runs very straight from north to south. When that band hit my area, the sky turned black in seconds and a short but heavy gust like a train coming through and an enormous amount of water hit my house. It took place for just one or two minutes and then the sky was calm again. Wondering too, what that was. Never experienced something like that before.

And while the rest of central Illinois is drowning I just keep looking at that hole.

Just look at it.



P.S. Disclaimer. I swear on the grave of my dead hamster that this is not photoshopped, except for the name of my street in the top box and my exact location on that screen.