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How I Am Saving 2000 % Every Day

In spite of the fact that most people nowadays know that wasting energy is a bad habit wich not only causes you losing money but also harms the environment, a lot of those folks buy bottles of water at their local supermarket wich is carried half around of our planet and causing CO2 emissions and lots of costs to get the product where one can buy it for a shortsighted convenience. Certainly there are things we can’t find in our local environments like exotic fruits or ascertained products, but water is the most common thing you can find EVERYWHERE in the western civilization; and where it’s not (Nevada?) it will be for sure pumped through long pipes from areas where exists enough of it (ought to be – but thats a seperate issue). My point is, in most areas of Northern America or Europe you can get good quality tap water. Most of the time it is tested for quality reasons and there are certain treatments attached like fluorine and chlorine for additional advancement to our health (check your local utility service for that matters).

But the main reason why my family and I are drinking tap water instead of bottled water or soda pop is the saving money point. We drink a lot of water throughout the day, it’s good for our health and our body wellness. It would cost us a fortune to satisfy all these drinking needs buying soda pop or bottled water. Of course there is the healthy glass of orange juice a day and our kid is drinking its apple juice for all the vitamins in it. But for the thirst, there is water. Tap Water. And it is saving us a whole bunch of bucks, every single day.

And when you’re really thirsty, like, after a hike of a mile or two, fresh crisp-cool water right out of your canteen tastes as good as fluid gold would taste like if one could relish such kind of liquid (it’s usually to hot in this condition).┬áKaltes, klares Wasser.

But of course: there is the quality issue — an issue one can argue about (and many will). That’s the reason for the following video. We had a similar incident in Berlin, Germany, back in the nineties, with the same outcome. So please: grab your soda pop or water or whatsoever (beer? – wich unfortunatly doesn’t come right out of the tap) and watch (takes you eight minutes but saves you a lot more, too):

The Story Of Bottled Water

((via Boing Boing))


I am recycling things. I’m not talking about washing out yoghurt containers or running around town and pick out aluminum cans from public trash bins. But in a way, if I was as consequential as I would like to, someday I might even do that. Watch me, Springfield.

I grew up in a country where recycling was mandatory. Not out of a governmental consciousness for the enviroment (although they claimed so) but due to economical reasons. The German Democratic Republic (most people know it as East Germany) had an economical system in place wich was bound to be insufficient. Mostly because of corruption and misgovernment but also due to lack of currencies and ressources. But whatever the reason was, the recycling system was almost perfect compared to todays recycling efforts of, say, United Green Germany or the United States of A. (more…)