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Crystal Ball

Remember all the scientific studies in the early decade about internet addiction? In the context of the slideshow by David Gillespie (below) it seems to be absurd that there where ever those kind of concerns, and those days are just a handful of years ago. With the massive replacements of tools, processes and interaction the internet has grown (and will even more) to something what is irreplaceable because we can’t replace our selfs. The people is the internet and the internet is the people. That doesn’t mean there will be no outside world anymore. There always will be products, processes, interactions, sensations, experiences and behaviours wich are only possible in the physical world. But everything else will either be in the clouds — or obsolete.

In this context another fine article by Frank Schirrmacher on is going to philosophy about the way we are changing ourselfs with the net. Frank Schirrmacher is co-publisher of the national german newspaper FAZ, wich has a kind of a conservative attitude, and so has his contribution to the topic too. But it stands in his subject far beyond any contemporary discussions and the reader (or listener) will definetly gain in his/hers point of view about the impact of the internet nowadays and in the future.

And a more specific and very clarifying post regarding the way and chances of paid content by Felix Schwenzel on his (german) blog wirres. He is one of the leading bloggers in germany.

Slideshow by David Gillespie. Takes about 15 min.

Digital Strangelove (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet)
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Eye Candy Dance-Wise

Nothing less than the molding of cinema-art a lá Matrix and TRON asthetics, classical stage dance and Japanese electronics obsession. Very impressive, obviously illuminating: The Japanese Wrecking Crew Orchestra, found at BoingBoing: