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Oximoron Honest Advertising

If the advertising industry and their customers would consider truly honest advertising, I would consider going back to work for them (wich I stopped doing in 2003). But – alas – I do not believe this is an incentive enough for those billion-dollar cooperations to change their policies about communication. And, to be honest here at least on my side, I don’t believe they are able to do so either. Its just not in their nature of the business and in the end not in the nature of most consumers to hear the very truth about a product they like (or better: the true reason why they like it) because it’d destroy an illusion that is convenient to live in. Nobody likes to change something that is convenient. ┬áTalk about passive escapism. Right, suckers?

But these nice artworks by Matt Stevenson and Chelsea Fagan are a nice holiday from reality, and that is a minute of escapism I can jauntily recommend.

Honest Ads – via Slacktory