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Very most coverage of 11-9

Reciprocal experiences

Yesterday I was updating my wifi router encription method from WEP encryption to WPA2, since the WEP encryption is not very secure. Anyway, at some point it blew my internet connection and the router needed to be reconfigured from the ground. I was trying to get around with the options but at some point I realized that I’m gonna need help from the support hotline. I needed some of the information wich is printed on a sticker on the packaging of the router. Great idea putting it there! — Packaging long gone since I own the router for almost two years now. I hardly remembered my son used it as a swimming pool for his plastic fishes back in summer. — Are we supposed to keep all the packaging of all the products we bought ever for, lets say, 10 years? Like with all that tax related stuff?
Well, maybe it was a bit of my own fault, but what really scared me was that I had to call the customer support hotline of AT&T.

There are a lot of funny postings out there on the internet about scary experiences with customer support hotlines and not a small number of them are related to this company.

But my experience was different. Infact, I was helped quick and polite and after a little bit of back and forth they offered me a solution wich worked out perfect. And just to make it clear: this was not my first attempt to call (or chat with, like in this case) a customer support hotline and with a lot of other companies and offices I had similar horrifying experiences like the ones in all those fittingly internet postings.

Afterall I had kind of a reciprocal feeling and for a moment I was utterly confounded.

But just as to rectify my view of the world I discovered today (with my great working internet connection) this little blog and I think it is very funny. It is called and a lot of you guys might know it already. It has a story (among a lot of other brilliant and hillarious issues) wich fits perfect to my now-95%-world-view of customer support hotlines.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please click to enjoy:

Why I'd rather be punched in the testicals than call customer support

Good Morning, 2010 (late but effectively)

((via Dangerous Minds))

Goat Eyes

I knew it. I knew it. Goats! Goaties! Watch out.

Goat Eyes: Satanic ploy, or merely horrific crime against nature? A serial treatise on the unnatural pupils of those beasts of the genus capra