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Here comes together what belongs together

Greg Pattillo, Beatboxing and Rhythm Flute

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Now that you’re mentioning it …

I read a lot around the internet and it’s come close to my attention that folks are doing every possible kind of Best-of-lists. No no no no no, wait! – I won’t do another one! I just… well: While that is repeating every year’s end, this year is kind of special: it’s the end of a decade. And in my own case it has been a crazy one. I formed a band, quit my job and my career in the advertising industry, toured with the band across Europe, published eight records (2 albums, 5 e.p.’s and a vinyl single), took (foster)care of my 14 year old brother-in-law, internet killed the video star, I shot several videos for my band and others, I  became father of a son, got married, created a comic blog, moved to another continent and at the very end I am typing words into the internet through this little blog and I must say, … It’s been a pretty nice decade for me.

So how should I end my personal decade? I decided to do it this way: *taking a long breath* … shortly after the wall came down I bought a pretty crappy (but cheap) Casio Tone 470. The sounds were (even for that times) bad but I loved it because it had a 64-keys-fingerboard with big keys and MIDI. At the beginning of this decade I was kind of remembering that old thing and I was considering what to do with it: throw it away or keep it? I decided to keep it for a last job: I did some experimental recordings to get to know my new recording program I had freshly installed back then. I used some samples, like drum sounds, vocals and the Muse-guitars on the third one and some of my guitars on the second one, but the most of the other instruments are created by the grizzly sound chip of the CT 470. Enjoy it, use it for whatever you want. For me it just somehow represent the beginning of the decade and so I want to close it exactly how it was opened to my ears. Cheers.




Good Morning, 2010 (late but effectively)

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Something for the Kid in us

The Decemberists (Boing Boing Video) And My Local Dilemma

This is a beautiful little video made for Boing Boing by Scott Compton. The Decemberists are an Indie/Folk/Alt.Country band and it took them almost 15 years before they became practically an overnight success.

Now. I really like their music.

Since I’ve been in an Indie Rock Band back in Germany and performing, writing and producing with that band for almost 8 years I thought I should reproduce my efforts here in my new home region and start a new band. A band created from scratch. My direction is clear: I want to follow my indie-roots and merge them with the new influences I picked up here in the midwest, bluegrass, folk, maybe some Since I did a lot of the band running business back in Germany all by myself I feel I should be able to get the stuff done here.

Okay, here’s my thought: let’s find some musicians who might share my vision of music.

So far I have not made much progress. Local music scene websites are scarce and mostly devoted to an audience rather than a musicians community type of thing, but I wasn’t expecting anything in that direction anyway. Craigslist had some outcomes (in one I am currently playing bass  – a tribute band), but consists otherwise mainly of heavy/speed/death/sports metal acolytes and other feisty stuff.

The needle in the hay stack.

Some hope is shining on the horizon by the upcoming festival season with its many small folk and country festivals; I’ll try definitly as much as I can to have a look at them. And I made some contact with a local artist/musician/actor who lives in the area for all his live and who may give me some insight into the local scene. It is hard to find some leverage when you’re from abroad, without a network and so forth.

So. Let’s squeeze our thumbs (as we use to say in Germany — it means: cross your fingers) that I might get some steps closer to my hopes and efforts to found a new band (if any of you readers out there has any ideas or suggestions please let me know in the comments).

It’s a long way yet. But I brought some time with me, you know.

Dial Up Sound 700 % slower

It would have been great if the sound from my 56k modem sounded like that. But I guess it would have ennoyed 700% more how slow the connection is established. So you can’t have both, so you may as well just listen to Sigure Rós (or my old bands smokey rehearsal jam session tapes). Pretty much the same stuff.

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Now That’s A Marching Band Song I Like To Hear

Little Boxes On The Hillside

This little song became kind of iconographic (iconophonic?) to us when we drove through any of the typical suburbs of Corporate America. It’s well known for the title song of the TV series “Weed”, but this is a version actually played on boxes. More or less. But since I like the idea that goes with the song in terms of irony towards the replaceability of the worn out American Dream, this video yet tops the idea with its graphic rendition of the lyrics of that song. I enjoyed it quite a lot. Credits here going to: Walk Off The Earth (performers), Malvina Reynolds (original interpreter), and Boing Boing for sharing.

Here goes European Fusion for you. Nice.

Wissenswertes Über Erlangen

A classic of the Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave – music). It summarizes pretty nicely the ordinariness of the German Bourgois. The verse lyrics are taken from official promotional material of the town of Erlangen in South Western Germany. I love it.