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Günther Grass: East Germany was carrying the major burden of the lost war

In an interview for the german magazin Der Spiegel Günther Grass is saying that “East Germany had to carry the major burden of the lost war — committed by all germans — for the long postwar period” and is “still carrying much of that burden”.

Günther Grass has always issued disputatious comments to german politics, history and culture, and his latter books are highly discussed regarding his personal contributions to german history. But he is an authority in his function as one of the most acknowledged writers in german postwar period and carrier of the nobel prize.

It is an interesting read for everyone who wants to know about a nation and its soul after 40 years of divide after a devastating war and a lot of other topics regarding german culture, politics and mental state.

Unfortunatly only in german and not (yet?) published in the english language section of the site, but here is the link to the english section anyway, to whom it may concern.

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