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Fishing License

In Illinois, when you are dependent on a temporary visa like a Work Visa (H1-B), you’ll be issued a Temporary Visitors Drivers License. On that Temporary Drivers License there is a remark: “Not valid for identification” and it is presumably to prevent dependents (as I am) of a Work Visa holder (as my wife is) from getting legal work, which I am not supposed to get (since I got no work permission for the duration of the visa). One might want to discuss this from several angles if this is a reasonable practice, but as a visa holder you are not in a position to change anything about that for the duration of the visa.

Now to that temporary drivers licence. I must assume that (outside of Chicago) I am the only moron running around with such a thing as the following endearing little story will illustrate. It is just one of many many incidents but may stand exemplary for the fun I have executing the simplest tasks in rural America. (more…)