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These animals I do watch running, wiggling, flying around in my back and front yard:

White tailed deer (doe, buck, fawn), coyote, fox (brown and red!), turkey, rabbit/hare, cat, racoon, squirrel, chipmunk, marten (I guess, maybe mink?), snake (black, rat, king and not identified ones), mole (their evidence at least), barred owl, hawk/eagle, bat, crow, blue jay, cardinal, goldfinch, woodpecker, nuthatch, titmouse, chickadee, sparrow, starling, wren, hummingbird, fish – minnows? (when the creek isn’t dry like this year), insects (wasp, hornet, firefly, lots of dragonfly, japanese beetle – ugh, summer chafer, ladybug, bumble bee, etc), ┬ásometimes a cow.

All wild, except the cows. The cows are just astray. However.

What do I need to go to a zoo for? Rhinos? Meh.

To be continued because not complete.