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berlintwitterwalldotcom1On November 9th 1989 the berlin wall came down. For me, born and raised in east berlin, it was a day of unforseeable importance for my life and the fact that I am now sitting here in my house in Columbus has a direct dependance to that day in autumn ’89. I was an annoying 16 year old boy who had trouble at school and never fitted into any system neither the ruling political one back days nor any of the following ones. But what I had in common with more than a million other people on the alexanderplatz demo at the 4th of november was the anger about beeing captured and oppressed by a grey, old, boring, extremly narrow-minded and unimaginative crowd of so called politicians but better described as a crowd of nasty little dictators. But exactly those attributes wich I did describe them with just a few lines ago where the stumbling blocks it needed to make the wall history.

It was the at-that-time-secretary of information Günter Schabowski who declared at a press conference on november 9th that every citizen of the German Democratic Public is allowed to travel wherever they want to.

Of course there was a lot big efforts going on before that date and they were all of central importance in the process of history. Beginning with the polish union Solidarnosc, followed by the big names of politics at that time, Reagan, Gorbachev (glasnost and perestroica) and the political demonstrations (the so called monday demonstrations or peace demonstrations) in Leipzig during ’88/89 and many many other.

But it was a boring press conference,  a little last question of a journalist and a tiny peace of paper and an obviously overstrained old man what made it the initial moment of a history change.

Since I am here in the USA I am asked a lot about my memories and my views about the wall and the living in east germany and all that kind of stuff. So if you are interested on further and deeper informations about that topic jump to the international site of Der Spiegel, they recently published a huge collection on articles and commentaries in english around that topic too.

Now I need a bridge…

Ok, here it is: what has twitter in common with the Berlin wall? Well, they both carry a lot of short messages of more or less big meanings. The logical step at the doors of the 20th anniversary after the wall came down is the project People can leave more or less meaningfull short messages, like in twitter, and it runs over a picture of the berlin wall decorated with graffity art. It’s there to commemorate, to comment or just to taste a glimpse of that feeling one must had have 25 years ago when were writing a graffity on the west side of the wall (doing that on the east side would have ended with handcuffs on your wrists). Exciting? Here comes the turnaround: since the project is open it is used more and more by chinese internet activists to leave critical comments about the chinese government (I suppose — I read about it -> there). What happend next was that the chinese government did lock the website down at least in china. Isn’t that crazy? They build a virtual wall to block a virtual wall that remembers a real wall break down 20 years ago. You dont have to be chinese to find that extreme cynical.

Go there, leave a comment!

The Social Rotunda

Oh, my… Long time no write. My creative department has a leave of absent right now. Call it a extended sabbatical. Family, Work, Kids: there’s too much going on at the local shores.

But nevermind! If you want to have a lookaround, there’s plenty! Check out the (English) cartoon section (links above) or my other “Issues” – Music, Graphic Design and German Cartoons – go ahead! (links to the right — no pun intended, hehehehe ;).

If you want to stay in touch in a more recent way, I added a twitter account to the social channel craziness. You’ll find me @theripplebrook

I love you!