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Bigger than the universe

I really don’t want to appear as a fractalomaniac or so, but I think this video by Chris Korda is an meaningful addition to my recently post about the 3-D fractals. I find it so astonishing because it shows in another dimension what is so awesome about this fractal phenomena: it lets you experience that the virtual world is larger than (our physical) universe. The number is (to be exactly): 2^316. Phew!

Video by Chris Korda

((via Hypergraphia Indulged))

Light from a younger universe

I watched this thing 6 times in a row and my mouth is still open. Guess I have to watch it frame by frame. It’ll take me light years. Sigh.

After hovering over Mount Everest and the gorges that plunge to the Ganges, you are pulled through the Earth’s atmosphere to glimpse the inky black of space over Tibet’s high desert. So begins The Known Universe, a new film produced by the American Museum of Natural History that is part of a new exhibitionVisions of the Cosmos: From the Milky Ocean to an Evolving Universe, at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. - … - The structure of The Known Universe is based on precise, scientifically-accurate observations and research. The Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History maintains the Digital Universe Atlas, the world’s most complete four-dimensional map of the universe.

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Good Morning, 2010 (late but effectively)

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Methan Eye Candy

In a recent post I wrote about the beautyful Mandelbrot 3D pictures of Daniel White. Tom Beddard took this to a next dimension. He created a short movie of a zoom into one of these 3D fractals. It looks like an alien space ship arrival on a strange and distant methan planet or whatsoever. Nice!

Mandelbulb zoom from subBlue on Vimeo.

((Via Nerdcore))

Oh, America, I Love You (Yet I Still Don’t Know What Style Studs is, Too)

Back then, when I lived in Germany, I loved to watch all those silly QVC or HOT (Home Order Television) shows late at night. The later the better. They got stranger the later in the night it was. Porcelaine puppets, digi-cam-laptop bundles, stupid beads and trinkets or cellphone contracts wich you would pay for long after you’d be dead.

But — as it strikes me so often — America does better. This is a show from a public access cable show from Oklahoma in the nineties wich just sells crap. It’s called Bargain Barn. And it’s real crap. But the guy sells this crap with the same dedication as if he’s selling pure and shiny gold. Love it or leave it. Allrighty?!! Good to go.

((thank you boingboing))

1+1=3 (we shall overcome cultural shock)

Since my own cultural shock begins to fade away (almost two years now in the midwest, took me long enough), here is my idealized imagination how the peoples of the world should deal with their cultural differences. One plus one equals three, that’s more than one can expect out of the usual interferences. I imagine e.g. country+rammstein+french or polka+michaeljackson+icelandic or gregorian+snoop dog+japanese.

However. Great video, great music. Plz enjoy.

((Kontrast, Bomba from the album Time To Tango; via Langeweile

LookAtMe!LookAtMe!LookAtMe! LOOK! AT! ME!

Beth Fulton has visualized Todd Alcott’s poem “Television”:



Playing along with that topic: The Economist has a profound article about peoples actual behavior in front of the telly. Turns out, self-perception is a miracle.

By the way: 350 minutes are almost 6 hours.

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Rise Against – Make It Stop (September Children).

Please watch to the very end to get the message completly.

Rise Against – Make It Stop (September’s Children) from LGBTQI Georgia on Vimeo.

Surveillance — What It Really Means